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Alex is the founding editor of GameCrash, as well as the founder and owner of one of the UK's most popular and most creative Pokémon fansites, Pokecharms.com. When not playing or writing about video games he works full time as a Senior Digital Developer making websites not unlike this very one! Alex's favourite game franchises are Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Review: Pokémon Rumble Rush

All the way back in 2017, The Pokemon Company announced the latest entry in the Pokémon Rumble spin-off series, PokéLand. Intended for release exclusively on iOS and Android, this was effectively a follow-up to the Pokémon Rumble World 3DS free-to...

E3 2019: Nintendo E3 Direct

It always seems most fitting that Nintendo caps off the E3 presentations, and traditionally leads directly to the opening of the E3 show floor itself. Though Nintendo hasn’t stood on a stage at E3 for some time for its main show, these E3...

E3 2019: Xbox E3 Briefing

9th June 2019 1pm PDT/ 9pm BST Xbox is the only platform holder actually holding a live conference at E3 this year. Kicking the week off on the Sunday, Microsoft are expected to announce not only the plan for the rest of this year, but also give a...

Review: Katana Zero

A room full of bloody bodies behind me, I burst into the next room seeking an exit. On the other side of the door in front of me is a heavily armed SWAT officer. I kick it down, leap above his formidable shield and dispatch him with my perfectly...

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