Editorial Policy

Reporting and News

GameCrash is a gaming ‘magazine’ rather than a news outlet. Although we aim to cover the big stories and give our perspectives on them, we do not endeavour to be a primary gaming news source.

Our reporting style for news is to combine both the facts of the matter as well as our own thoughts, perspectives and speculation. We are talking about these stories as much as relaying the important information. We will, however, never knowingly include misinformation as fact or present speculation as confirmation.

If any story we report on has what you feel or know to be a mistake or factual error, please get in touch and we will aim to correct it.


We’re here to talk about video games and for the most part that means talking about having fun. We can never entirely separate the things we enjoy with the real world around us, however. If the real world’s politics or culture matter to a story or a game, we absolutely will include that in our thoughts and our writing. Our goal is to find and cover the positives of any game or situation where we can, though. Sometimes that isn’t an option – something might be too important to not cover and the real world implications of it too great to look past.

Advertising and Affiliate Links

Advertisements on GameCrash are provided by Google Adsense. In our case, Adsense acts as the dividing line between editorial and commercial interests. We have no control beyond blacklisting harmful ads over the advertisements displayed alongside our content. If you have a concern or issue with any of the ads you see on this website, please contact us.

We do not and never will run sponsored posts or paid-for content.

If we receive any items, pre-release review codes, travel, accomodation or event access from any developer or publisher, a notice will always be included alongside any relevant content disclosing this in the interests of total transparency.

Some content, such as reviews, may also include affiliate links to online stores where we would receive a small commission should anyone purchase a game via those links. We include these links as a user convenience first of all, and simply make use of affiliate programs to provide us an extremely small benefit should anyone use them. They are never included in any consideration when discussing or reviewing a game.

Supporting us directly via Patreon and Ko-Fi helps to allow us to keep the amount and type of advertising on the site as minimal as possible.

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