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Like many video game websites we often review things. Most times that will be video games, some times it'll be other video game related things. In all cases you'll see a rating like this with it:

Unlike some websites, we're not interested in trying to sum up our thoughts on a game into specific numbers. Actual, numbered, review scores carry with them some pretty specific connotations and the fact that any score below about 70% is considered 'bad' makes the entire endeavour practically pointless.

Our ratings therefore are about achieving the goal of a top-line demonstration of our thoughts on the game, or whatever the review might be about. But without having to get into a mess about whether a game is a "80%" or a "90%".

As with any score, though, the point is that it's a subjective summation of a subjective review. Even if we rate something poorly or highly, please feel free to disagree, try for yourself and determine your own opinion. We'd even welcome a comment about it! All we're really out to do is to give you our impressions on a thing and hope it gives you more information than you had before you clicked the link.

Whenever you see a review with 1 star, it probably means the game was - on the whole - not great. While we obviously aren't recommending it, by all means, don't let us stop you from giving it a go. Even if we didn't enjoy it, you sure might.

Likewise, a review with 5 stars means we absolutely think you should play this game. Like, say, 2018's God of War. For some of you, no matter how much we enjoyed a game or would recommend it, it might just never be your 'thing'. And that's OK. Contrary to the what the Internet says, we're all allowed to like different things. But, if you give a game we highly recommend a go and didn't get on with it, we'd love to see a well thought out comment about why. Just as much as you'll hopefully enjoy reading our reviews to begin with.

Recent Reviews


Review: Katana Zero

A room full of bloody bodies behind me, I burst into the next room seeking an exit. On the other side of the door in front of me is a heavily armed SWAT officer. I kick it down, leap above his formidable shield and dispatch him with my perfectly...

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