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Ubisoft have been rocking E3 in recent years. Emboldened in their own identity after having to secure it in fighting off Vivendi’s bid for a hostile takeover of the company, Ubisoft have come back pumping on all cylinders. As well a a follow up to last year’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands due out this October, Ubisoft’s also confirmed that 3 AAA titles will launch at the start of 2020. Rumours place Assassin’s Creed taking a crack at the Vikings, Watch_Dogs making a trip to jolly old London (just in time for Brexit… maybe) and Sam Fisher finally coming out of retirement after several years in the shadows. Pirate sim Skull and Bones has recently been delayed again but perhaps we’ll see a bit more this year to assuage any concerns about the apparent struggles that game is having. Meanwhile it now seems certain that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be a ‘Next Gen’ game, but maybe we’ll get a cheeky glimpse into what that means. And might Mario and the Rabbids be on for round two in their Kingdom Battle?

10th June 2019 1pm PDT/ 9pm BST

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