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It always seems most fitting that Nintendo caps off the E3 presentations, and traditionally leads directly to the opening of the E3 show floor itself. Though Nintendo hasn’t stood on a stage at E3 for some time for its main show, these E3 Directs are still the most anticipated feature of the entire E3 event. After finally finding their feet again in the wake of the double whammy of the Wii U’s failure and the tragic loss of President Satoru Iwata, a whole new kind of Nintendo arrives at this year’s E3. 15 years after making his big entrance on stage at Los Angeles, Reggie Fils Aime has left Nintendo America in the aptly named hands of Doug Bowser. How Bowser handles these kind of events will be of just as much interest as what the company brings with them.

11th June 2019 9am PDT/ 5pm BST

Written by
Alex Winton

Alex is the founding editor of GameCrash, as well as the founder and owner of one of the UK's most popular and most creative Pokémon fansites, Pokecharms.com.

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Alex's favourite game franchises are Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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